IL MESSAGGERO MARCHE (local publication)


Paolo Re makes extraordinary creations, even with vegetables. His works are renowned all over Italy. TOLENTINO - He has received several awards, the last one of which on the occasion of "Cibaria"-a appearance entirely dedicated to the wine and food peculiarities of the area, staged a few weeks ago in the Fair Center of Villa Potenza. The Tolentinian Chef, recently distinguished himself for some spectacular sculptures on fruit, on vegetables and on anything which can be carved, having to do with high cuisine.

Numerous, picturesque pumpkins were carved for a feast of kids organized in Piazza della Libertà in Tolentino on Halloween. The chef, for several years, also runs "La Rancia" Agritourism in Tolentino, near the Homonym Castle. An agritourism dedicated almost entirely to the internal production of the dishes which are served with care and refinement by the managers who made of the "real agritourism" a life's politics. True to the typical dishes of the Tolentinian tradition, but new flavor combinations as well, to satisfy all palates.

And for several years, Paolo Re has created sculptures. Taken up just for fun, as it usually happens, but his works are requested more and more on wedding occasions, particularly at distinguished parties and receptions. He has also organized the entire choreography of one of the last "famous" weddings of Tolentino between the children of two local well-known entrepreneurs.

Recently the Association (Federation) of Italian Chefs requested him to participate in a chef competition held in Rimini, attended by many of the greatest chef of all of Italy. A high acknowledgment and demonstration of trust of the Tolentinian Paolo Re.

At the occasion of "Cibaria", our artist set up a stall where he made sculptures for the public who stopped and asked for one. Each were done in just a few minutes, but which gave the idea of his artistic skills. A great success which was also won a prize raffled off by the event organizers.

Cuisine Chefs Create Authentic Masterpieces Of Art

At Mostra dell'alimentazione (MIA) (Good Food Exhibition) of Rimini, the chefs of the Association of Italian Chefs have seen real masterpieces of gastronomic art, including vegetable carving, cheese and ice sculptures, fruit triumphs and many more. In our province of Marche, Chef Paolo Re from "La Rancia" Restaurant of Tolentino, created vegetables sculptures so beautiful, he won a bronze medal.

In Tolentino Horror Alley

TOLENTINO-Thousands of people visited "Horror Alley", set up along "San Nicola" side street, in Tolentino, on Halloween, by the association "I Ponti del Diavolo" (Devil's Bridges). There was everything to be found in the alley-the "inevitable" pumpkins carved by Tolentinian Chef Paolo Re included.