Paolo Re

Paolo Re was born in Tolentino in 1963. By the age of 12 he discovered his passion for cooking, and started his adventure on the cookers. He started studying cookbooks, experimenting, and soon understood that he would have to give a professional branding to his passion.

Paolo visited kitchens of many different restaurants, and after earning his diploma in '82 he started his professional career as chef in hotels and restaurants. Continuing for more than 3 years, Paolo acquired experience in catering and in dinner galas. In 1990 he went back to the family restaurant where he changed the mark of the cuisine, giving room to new creativity, a new menu, and a more modern image. In 2002 Paolo became owner of "La Rancia," a restaurant in Tolentino. Paolo then attended several professional chef courses and training in various Italian restaurants specializing in artistic cuisine, pastry-making, confections and prestigious buffets.

In 2006, Paolo participated in the International Cuisine of Italy contest and won scores and medals for most "Artistic."